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Dublin-based subsea cable operator to be sold in $215m deal

24 March 2021

Aqua Comms, a Dublin-based company that specialises in subsea fibre-optic cable networks, is to be acquired by Digital 9 more

Covid-19 threatens investment drought in Sub-Saharan Africa


Foreign direct investment (FDI) fell by 10% in Sub-Saharan Africa last year, reflecting rising geopolitical tensions and adverse changes in a number of markets. The outlook for 2020 is even more bleak, with The Economist Intelligence Unit forecasting FDI flows to fall by 30% in the more

Infrastructure investment to be a key driver of growth in emerging markets post COVID-19 crisis, sigma says

17 June 2020

Investment in infrastructure development is set to be one of the main drivers of sustainable growth in the emerging markets after the COVID-19 crisis more

World Bank Launches Inaugural Sustainable Development Bond Impact Report

14 May 2020

The World Bank published its first impact report covering all bond issuances and the entire portfolio of IBRD’s development activities. The Sustainable Development Bond Impact Report 2019 describes how IBRD bond proceeds support sustainable development across a variety of sectors and how projects support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) more

Making an Impact in Frontier Markets

29 April 2020

Some investors have found a potential opportunity for diversification beyond emerging markets: frontier markets. What differentiates these two classes of developing economies? Global index developer MSCI gauges a variety of criteria to distinguish between the two, more

Using blended finance to support infrastructure development in emerging economies

24 April 2020

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted by the United Nations (UN) sets out 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); from poverty reduction, food security, healthcare and education to climate change mitigation. The achievement of many of these SDGs will require well-functioning more

Unlocking private-sector financing in emerging-markets infrastructure

10 October 2019

A McKinsey report: Developing countries will need to invest more than $2 trillion a year in infrastructure just to keep pace with projected GDP growth over the next 15 more

Infrastructure: A new ESG calling

January/February 2019 Magazine

Infrastructure could play a central role in ESG allocations and the move to decarbonise economies. Christopher O’Dea more